Our Rooms

Here at the Hub we are proud of our light, airy spaces and versatile rooms. We have 6 differently sized rooms for hire, plus a commercial kitchen that can be used as a catering area or a bar for functions.

Each space can be used in isolation or in combination with other rooms. For example; the Ellis Maddocks Hall can be hired as one big hall, or sub divided by a floating wall into two (Ellis) or (Maddocks) and the kitchen can be added to the hire.

The Kingspan Hall has its own separate entrance and allows us to use both the Ellis Maddocks and the Kingspan at the same time without either party being disturbed.

The Kier Suite is also self contained with its own entrance, but can be opened to join the Ellis Maddocks.

Our Mezzanine meeting room is the only one only accessible via stairs, but all the other rooms are fully open to those less mobile.

Please give us a call or visit the Eco Hub before making a booking so that we can discuss your needs with you and find the best solution. Just click on each of the buttons for sizes, prices and a full description of each room.

The map below allows you to see how the rooms are laid out within the Hub

For more information or to arrange a viewing please call Sarah or Kate on: 01767 651226 or email; manager@gamlingayecohub.org.uk