Eco Hub car park use by parents of Gamlingay Village Primary

The management of Gamlingay Village Primary school have requested use of the Eco Hub car park for  child drop off / collection.

The Trustees of the Community  Centre have debated this request at length and have decided that they are not prepared to allow the centre car park to be used for child drop off / pick up.  Gamlingay Parish Council supports this decision.

  • Risk and Danger. The trustees believe that the use of the car park for drop off / pick up represents an unacceptable risk. The Cambridgeshire County Council does not provide drop off / pick up parking within the curtilage of primary schools as a matter of Policy because of the risk and danger.
  • Our Public Liability Insurer have insisted that the car park is patrolled at drop off / pick up times and insist that a full risk assessment is carried out which will without doubt result in an increase of the premium.
  • Wear and Tear. The car park is not designed for frequent vehicle use, particularly the parking bays and the drop off / pick up proposal will undoubtedly increase the wear and tear.
  • CCTV Coverage. There is minimal coverage of the car park. A significant increase in the number of vehicle movements will inevitably result in accidents and abuse of the car park and additional CCTV coverage will be required. The Trustees do not have a budget or funds for the substantial work required.
  • Winter weather risk. The Trustees cannot accept any liability for accidents (people or vehicles) occurring in winter conditions in relation to the car park access road, the parking spaces and the foot paths.

Click here for a detailed report of all the factors considered and debated by the Trustees.