Neil Muirhead – Chair of Board of Trustees

Neil has lived in Gamlingay for 37 years and his 4 children were educated in the village. Neil served as Chairman of the Gamlingay First School Governors and Chairman of the Gamlingay Scout Troop.

He has now retired from a career of Surveying and Facilities Management with major UK and global corporate organisations, and decided to channel his energy into supporting local and community activity in Gamlingay. Neil says “I feel privileged to have been elected to be a Trustee of the Gamlingay Eco Hub Board, with responsibility for maintenance, repair and safety compliance of the building.

“The Eco Hub is a fantastic asset to the Community of Gamlingay and is unique in Cambridgeshire, in terms of its construction, facilities and eco qualities. A building and facility for the village to be proud of. We need to maximise the use of the EcoHub for community use, while attracting local business to use the Hub facilities for Corporate activity, generating important income to ensure the Hub’s economic viability.”